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    Quote Originally Posted by ddd228 View Post
    I have pulled some really weird metallic objects out of car tires. A half a pair of pliers?
    You may want to consider a "road hazard" clause.
    Some motorists have not been so lucky. I am one. Giant staple. 16 P nail. Porcupine quills. (NO).
    I stopped to change a flat in my Corvette once and it was a pair of scissors going "chink, chink, chink, chink...."
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    ^^ That's hilarious as I see what has been done there!

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    I FINALLY got a day to take a look and see what was causing the clicking noise from the right front of the car.

    Turned out, it was the inner wheel well liner flapping around. Two of the many 10MM screws that hold it in place had made a hole through the liner, so that part of the liner was not secure. I placed some big washers on the screws to tightly secure the liner, and the problem was solved. Now things are nice and quiet.

    It's great when something like this turns out to be a simple fix.

    Hope this helps someone in the event they experience a similar issue!


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    Dude, 90% of the mk2s on the road today have their liners held in with giant washers lol
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    Question Flapping

    I had a weird "flapping" noise from the rear of my car. The black plastic trim coating was flopping around above my hatch.I just ripped it off. Paint it later.
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