5mgte ms3x question

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    5mgte ms3x question

    I have a 1983 5mgte and recently purchased ms3x. I cant seem to find any info to help with the install besides the generic instructions in the box.Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Get a patch harness or wire into the existing harness. The instructions for any standalone are specifically for any vehicle; which is universal.

    The big items to wire in are the distributor sensor, air intake temp, water temp, trigger wires to injectors (sequential or batch fire, your choice), coils (sequential or batch, good time to upgrade to sequential, wideband O2 sensor, MAP sensor, power/ground, fuel pump trigger wire, and anything else you can have that needs to turn on.

    Crimps are recommended, but I used self solder, soldier, and crimps on all my installs.

    I'm not a wiring snob, but your mileage may vary.

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    My brother posted a guide that I wrote for his 85. Its for microsquirt, but should more or less work for a megasquirt too.


    The only thing you should need is a 84-85 throttle body with a real TPS, and IAT sensor, and a MAP(i think megasquirt has one?)

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    Ms3x standalone is simple... Pm me here or on Facebook @ shadetreehoonigans I can give you plenty of info

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