New 86 Lemons Car

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    New 86 Lemons Car

    Hey everyone, joined to learn and share about my new project car, an 86 Celica Supra for racing in Lemons. My target is to have it ready to go for September for the Lemons race at High Plains Raceway. I will be posting a thread to track progress.

    Excited to be here and looking forward to sharing progress and lessons learned.

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    Awesome, i have a few guys asking me to turn my parts car into a lemons car... There is already a great build thread where another member has one done up, should be an easy find in the build section.
    Hidden Content 86 parts car maybe some day race car? 3x cars, 36x brake caliper pistons.
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    Welcome. Only sad thing is I keep waiting and hoping for the lowly mk2 to finally be recognized as a true classic. Showing up in lemons races isn't exactly where I'd hoped these cars would be after 37 years. If you're going to do it, make darn sure that mk2 is on the winners podium!
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