New owner of 83 celicasupra

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    New owner of 83 celicasupra

    Just got a 83 Supra, with 90s 7mgte swap and Frankenstein turbo, needs lots of work, tops three things is new or rebuilt diff, new fuel management, and most important new cam tower seals, don't hesitate to give me tips for info on how to do the cam tower seals!?! Look forward to meeting and talking with everyone on the form!!!!

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    Just dropping in to say Welcome aboard. Been too long since I've touched a 7m cylinder head and too old to remember past this morning's breakfast, but if you post a specific question, someone younger will be along shortly to help who has worked on a 7m more recently. Good luck with your projects.
    Phil D.
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    Don't beleive what Phil said above, he is 1000 times better than that.
    He can still answer zillions of questions better than most of us.
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