converting a 2jz ge to a 2jz gte is it possible?

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    Question converting a 2jz ge to a 2jz gte is it possible?

    lately, I've been thinking about the engine in a gs300 (it is a 2jz GE) now the mk4 supra has a 2jz GTE. the missing "t" in the 2jz GE would stand for "turbocharged". would it be as easy as turbocharging a 2jz GE and basically making it a 2jz GTE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ls300boi View Post
    would it be as easy as turbocharging a 2jz GE and basically making it a 2jz GTE?
    Would what be as easy?
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    Informative post, would read again. Thanks OP.

    Anyway yeah it's been fucking done over and over. Google NA-T and read.

    Sorry to sound like a dick, it's just...this is such old news. There are pretty much step by step manuals on every little thing you need to do this exact mod. Please do your research.

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    im saying is it that easy to essentially make a 2jz ge into a 2jz gte simply by turbocharging the 2jz ge.

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    That is what the T stands for. But then you have to deal with bigger fuel pump, bigger injectors, fuel and timing management, at least.
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    The engines are substantially different. The cylinder head is not the same, there are no piston oil squirters on the GE, it has a higher compression ratio which is bad for turbocharging, and the VVTI GE engines have a much weaker bottom end. The ignition system and electronics are different too. So you can turbocharge a 2JZ-GE, but even with all the correct supporting mods etc. it will never be the same as a true GTE engine.
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    Define the same. If you take an early 2jzge and pickup a single turbo kit for it and a forward facing manifold, plus standalone, you will have a platform that (with supporting mods) can reliably handling 700+rwhp. The bottom ends are not weaker on the non vvti motors. The piston squirters don't make a huge difference, sometimes they have to be deleted in factory GTE builds too. But anyways, its largely an old, and overdone argument. Been discussed plenty here, and to death and back on supraforums. It could cost you more or less then just getting a GTE depending on how you do it and deals you find. Either motor will more or less give you the same performance and potential in the end and run about the same (if you don't fuck it up).
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