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    Quote Originally Posted by ToyodaSup View Post
    Come on man! Those instructions were written with small ladies in mind. Snug up the filter and then give it the spec turn with your man grip.
    A man grip is fine, if you can get in there in order to grip it--I can't. Maybe I haven't found the sweet spot to get at it, but compared to every other car I've ever owned, this filter is in a poor location (not to mention the way it mounts). Toyota does so many things right (at least they used to), how did this get into the design?

    I work in the filter industry, and those specs are there for a reason. There have been issues with some filters/manufacturers with the material used for the gasket necessitating specific requirements for tightening--not every filter has the same specs for tightening. Engineers establish a certain specification for a reason. Yes, generally a ballpark tightening is just fine, but there have been instances where improper tightening has been a problem.
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    Toyota m series is a grab bag from 1950s domestic straight sixes. Ford thread on the oil filter nipple, so universal ford relocation kit.
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    Unless you REALLY need one,,,,,,,,,,,,do not do it!

    I did a remote spin-on filter for my A/T tranny and it ALWAYS leaks!
    Continuous rust treatment.
    If those lines fail,I will lose the tranny.

    I have done oil/filter changes on a filter that EYE installed to specs and the bastard was tight,beyond belief.
    They do get tight on their own. That's what the oil filter wrenches are for.Some cars are crazy-hard to get to!
    2001 Civic's come to mind.
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    I too hate the OEM oil filter location so installed a remote decades ago. There's a few things to consider though. First, don't bother buying any kits. The hoses are crap and won't last long and the cheap cast adapters can be a problem as well. I cracked my first cheap on engine adapter trying to get it tight enough not to leak. I would suggest Earl's for the two adapters. The engine adapter is a standard Ford item as is the filter mount. But you'll need to figure out where you plan to mount the filter to determine which adapter you need.
    I also discovered that the only o-rings that work on the engine adapter for long without leaking is one from an actual oil filter. None of the special o-rings that came with any of the adapters or any of the multitude of others I tried worked without leaking for long. So I bought the cheapest oil filter with the correct size o-ring and haven't had any problems since.
    I have my filter mounted under the passenger headlight behind the bumper which makes it a breeze to change without the mess of spilled oil. It also allows me to pre-fill the filter when replacing it. I suppose it might be somewhat vulnerable to road debris mounted there, but a simple shield made from a cut down coffee can or something similar would fix that. But in 30+ years, I've never had a problem.
    For the hoses and fittings, on the engine adapter the fittings are too close to use more than 1 45 degree fitting, so I just used standard nipples. Same on the filter mount. Have your hoses custom made at a place like Napa. They'll use high pressure, high quality hydraulic hoses which will last for many years. I had them use 45 degree fittings on the engine ends which allows the hoses to be as far as practical away from the hot header/exhaust and 90 degree fittings at the filter mount end. I looped the hoses above the filter to keep them as short and straight as possible.

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