Finally doing what I promised my family and friends I'd do for years. . .

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    Finally doing what I promised my family and friends I'd do for years. . .

    . . . fix my car.
    I am finally getting into a financially stable environment where I can have a car repair/improvements budget and I am just chompin at the bit (since discovering this site full of Celica Supra lovers) to get working on my '84 two-tone blue with kph instead of mph cuz it originated in Canada. (God save the queen. . . ? . . . oh I don't remember. 'MERICA!!!!)
    About a decade ago I had purchased an '84 two-tone blue from Pull'n'Save in Spokane, WA for a close friend as a wedding present. After driving it for myself I became an instant enthusiast. I drove an '82 Toyota Pickup for the first 10 years of my adult life and that was bullet proof but after trying one of their cars from the same era, I decided I needed one for myself. I searched online across the western states and found an '84 two tone blue from Eureka California, flew there, paid cash, and had one heck of a drive up the Oregon coast and back to Spokane in that little package of fun. As old and well used that car was (about 280,000 km you do the arithmetic), everything on it worked, and worked well.
    Long story short from then until now, my buddy seized the engine on his supra and I ended up with it. I also got a rather beat up white '83 from a guy for $100 that was still running of which I ashamedly parted out the hood and fenders. And now after finishing school and finding some steady work here in North Dakota, I have my '84 Canadian MKII two-tone blue with a dream to restore it to its original glory and beauty with only stock modified upgrades at most (basically the desire to make it into the happiest "stock-ish" two-tone blue out there).
    I greatly look forward to correspondence with the other gearheads, tinkerers, and dreamers that peruse this site. Thanks to the folks who started this site as well.
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    Good story and very much looking forward to you sharing your MkII journey, err, adventure. Your resources at hand are great so no excuses for lack of progress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoTiminTwoTone View Post
    About a decade ago I had purchased an '84 two-tone blue from Pull'n'Save in Spokane, WA for a close friend as a wedding present.
    Wow! Never would have thought to check the bridal registry at Pick-n-Pull.
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    Hey ,looking for an 83 igniter if you're still parting it out... and welcome.
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    Welcome to the board! 280k kms is not so bad. Many more US cars up here then the other way around, but every now then we let one out

    There won't be much for differences beyond the cluster on an 84 PType. But you can tell people it's more JDM then the US cars due to the metric speedo lol.
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