2020 "Tail of the Dragon" - April 23-26

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    2020 "Tail of the Dragon" - April 23-26

    What is "Deals Gap" aka "The Dragon" aka "Tail of the Dragon" aka "Hwy129"?
    "The Dragon" is located ~1hr south of Knoxville TN and ~2.5hrs north of Atlanta GA.
    The road is a popular and internationally famous destination for driving enthusiasts.
    The 11-mile stretch of the Dragon in Tennessee is said to have 318 curves. (I checked, it does...)

    What's the plan for the weekend, where do we start, where do we stop and when do we eat!
    --Reference Map (open in a new tab/window)--

    --Resort Map (open in a new tab/window)--

    This year will be organized with our group tentatively being based 100% out of Fontana Village Resort (point "A" on the Reference Map)
    Please see below for lodging and reservation group-rate details.

    Following is a rough estimation of the overall weekend, with Saturday being the primary meet day:

    Thursday April 23rd
    I arrive ~1pm, relax with the crew, wander the resort, volleyball, maybe a short hike?

    Friday April 24th
    9:30am: pancake and egg breakfast by BillyM at cabin 420
    12noon: spirited cruise out via the Cherehola and back via the Tail of the Dragon
    8pm: dinner at Wildwood Grill

    Saturday April 25th
    9:00-10am: car-wash/shine (fuel up if less than 1/2 tank)
    10am-2pm: official Dragon cruise and photo-ops at the dam (A-B-D on the Reference Map)
    2-4pm: official meet lunch at the Wildwood Grill
    5-6pm: mini-golf tournament at with prizes - fun for all ages but bring your A-game
    9-10pm: campfire at cabin 420 - BYOM(arshmallows)

    Sunday April 26th
    7:30-9am: short mountain hike and photography opportunity
    10am: official farewell breakfast at The Mountainview up at the lodge
    11:30: check out and trip home

    The meet will cover ~100 miles Friday (optional) and another ~55miles Saturday of some of the greatest driving roads to be experienced. Cruising speed will be brisk but kept to a safe pace so no one feels the need to cross the double-yellow. Additionally, there are 3 full-time photographers on the 11-mile stretch who sell digital copies online.

    Cell-phone reception is spotty at best, so please bring a 2-way radio.[/url]

    Where can I stay, because it's a heck of a drive?
    We'll be staying at the Fontana Village Resort, amenities can bee seen at their website: (www.fontanavillage.com)

    Reservation Date 4/23 4/24 4/25 4/26
    Lodge Room (2Q or 1K) $96.00
    1Bedroom Maple Cabin $126.00
    2BR/1BA Hickory Cabin $136.00
    2BR/2BA Azalea Cabin $189.00
    3BR/2BA Azalea Cabin $200.00

    OK - these are the rooms available and we can go ahead and reserve when ready - reference "CelicaSupra 2020" and don't forget to schedule early so you can get your pick of cabin locations.

    More info, general notes, and answers to questions.
    With help from CJ and JohnB, I made the pilgrimage April 2011 and found it too nice to not share.
    2012 provided a HUGE turnout of attendees, staying in Robbinsville and having a darn good time overall.
    2013, greater than 20 cars make it out to our stay at Fontana Village for a long weekend, lets do it again!
    2014, better than 18 cars who enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL weekend and wonderful time in the mountains.
    2015, we hit 29 supras, and had a wonderful time with some great runs all while dodging the rain.
    2016, we had 20 supras come out for some of the best weather we've ever experienced.
    2017, we officially added the Cherehola skyway run to our itinerary and it was a great drive.
    2018, we added lunch at the far-end of the Cherehola skyway run to our drive-plan itinerary.
    2019, we pretty much fudged the itinerary and did whatever we felt like for the most part.

    Please post any thoughts/questions or simply to say "I'm in and plan to arrive Thursday afternoon" here.

    Looking forward to it, and hope to see many of you in April,
    White 85P - Blue/Silver 85P
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    Great to see the next meet already posted. Reserved our room.....now to find wrench time!

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