Tail light/lights

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    Tail light/lights

    Looking for driver's side tail light will take a pair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bartert3 View Post
    Looking for driver's side tail light will take a pair.
    Have to check & see how many pairs I have left... You should always specify Year... as there can be some differences with the Tail Lights themselves... as the White Back-up light can be in the Center... OR Off Centre... ...in which case the Interior bulb Tray will be different as well....

    Check & see what the Part number is on the Passenger Tail... or even 1 of the Bulb Trays... & that will give an Indication...

    Got a lot of "Catching up on Car Stuff " ...to do in the next few weeks... trying to get similar items ... together in a single Location.... so I can better determine if I there's an Excess ...above the Spares/backups I need for myself...

    Will be in touch once I determine that...as I go about Organizing Shelves...

    Dave Cod The Black Supra Man TONS of used 84/83 parts F/S

    Dk Blue 84 P-type Virginia car converted to Stick,1 Stock Two tone '85 P-type also US origin), 1 to be Turbo'd at some point!!! Have a 53 ft Trailer that I've converted to a 6000 cu ft 84/85 Supra parts Warehouse....Lots of Parts F/S

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