This is why we don't have nice things...
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    This is why we don't have nice things...

    Had my first negative review on our facebook page since opening Raptor Racing a LONG time ago. I LOVE this community more than anyone can imagine, with both 935 and Rabid Chimp closing down I thought it would have been painfully obvious to everyone that anyone making parts for the MK2 is NOT doing it for the money.

    I certainly don't do it to deal with people who like "him", and sorry to say but it is people like that who ensure that as every passing year there are fewer and fewer MK2 parts in our catalog. I try, believe me I try but I'm human...mistakes happen with my business and EVERY business out there. You guys have ALL seen me F things up but would like to think most of you were happy with how the F up was resolved. If not chatting about it in a calm and clear manner would have been most helpful.

    Unlike most people I guess i'm in different as I don't appreciate someone freaking out and threatening me without first giving me ONE chance to explain, apologize and offer a solution that I'm sure they would be happy with. MK2 parts are now less than 5% of my sales but 15% of the work so it's really not a threat if some rants "i'm never buying off you again".

    I know I haven't been on here socially in a while, just wanted to chime in and say that I appreciate 99.9123% of you guys and gals for everything and really miss you all. Normally wouldn't post 'stuff like this on here but MK2 parts sales are now really for fun so feel I can speak a little bit more freely.

    Lastly...for the love of GOD if you guys didn't like the hatch decals you could have said something. Apparently it's all over this forum that the "the rear decal is a very poor copy" and I need to "get a grip"...please feel free to share some constructive criticism as to how it can be made better. I tried to put "get a grip" in the file but didn't really make the sticker any better. Was always under the assumption they were "decent"...can't make it better if I don't know...feel free to chime in about ANY Product I make. I don't know it all, far from it and if you have ideas on how to make any product better chime here or email me PLEASE.

    Hope everyone is having a [email protected]@$$ day, chat soon my friends.

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    Wow so sorry to hear that George. I think I can speak for the community when I say that your continued support for us is SO valuable and appreciated. Anything I can do please let me know.
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    There has been some questions from newbies on here recently about hatch decals and some discussion about the difference between your cut vinyl decal vs the Torparts decal being more like the original, but I thought we'd made it perfectly "clear" what to expect. Nothing was ever said about one being "a poor copy" or anything like that. The people who need to "get a grip" are the ones who expect ANY reproduction parts for a mk2 Supra whatsoever. We're lucky to get anything at all.

    Just keep doing what you do. Anybody who comes HERE for advice, to the proper and official mk2 forum will be told that many of us have met George in person, known him for decades, and that Raptor Racing is not just some anonymous automated website/fulfillment center in China, but a real enthusiast who feels the same way we do about the mk2.
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    Same here George,
    I'm still here everyday, (daily new posts between 5 and 15 - sic) and I don't remember reading anything bad here about RR. And if we would, there would be many of us backing you up in a snap.
    Facebook is another story. Don't get me started on this subject!
    I guess now running a real public shop makes it more difficult, but just give a polite answer/explanation, and move on. It will anyway fall in the abyss of fb quickly. I understand that current car models are a much better niche for your products, but we still appreciate the efforts you have put in for the MK2.
    I hope you are still happy about your decision of living your dream.
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    George has always been a great resource for me and my MKII's and MKIII's. I have purchased many many items from George over the MANY MANY YEARS... possibly even decades or close to it..

    sorry to hear this George.

    thank you as always.
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    Sorry to hear about the negative press which is undoubtedly NOT earned. In my limited interaction with you and having witnessed your dealings here. There are more constructive ways to deal with situations that do not meet ones expectations and negative online reviewers who have not taken the effort to deal directly with the business are pathetic vandals of characters.

    Thank you for your MkII love and support.


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    Well, I just finished posting a recommendation to buy some Raptor Racing parts and now read this.
    Well, I just voted with my pocket book.

    No more comment necessary!

    Thanks George

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    Just wanted to chime in and also say THANK YOU for continuing to support the community! It's sad that these newbs go off half cocked about the most minute mishap. The instant gratification expectation these days is almost getting to be too much.

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    Oh guys believe me NOTHING for any of you to be sorry about, personally don't care what this person thinks about me/my business or any of the products I sell. It's just a pisser that you work hard at having flawless reviews and one person can attempt to ruin. NFI what kind of person writes this: "There is a silver lining however, it seems despite there boasts, the rear decal is a very poor copy as several people have said on Get a grip."

    Most of the amazing reviews I've received are from people's who's order I f'd up BAD and fixed. I know it's hard to believe but yes I'm not perfect and I do make mistakes...shocking I know...

    While I appreciate the kind words it's really not necessary as it's not really why I posted here. I have NO idea if he's here or not and really don't give a shit either way... I just wanted to vent to the one community who would get where my venting is coming from...these focus/fiesta guys just wouldn't get it .

    Stay cool brothers and sisters.

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    George old buddy, you can come here and vent any time you need to. Those of us that have done business with you know that you're a 100% stand-up guy. I know personally that you'll bend over further than backwards to straighten out any issues, including ones that aren't your fault, like that theft of my intake pipe during shipping, and the nightmare we went through with the shipper to get it squared away.

    Anybody that says otherwise is a tool.....

    - Jim
    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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