Limited Availability: Raptor Racing 85+ Spoiler Trim

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    Limited Availability: Raptor Racing 85+ Spoiler Trim

    Hey guys;

    we pulled the 85+ Spoiler trim we had in storage and we spent a few hours packing up a 42 sets of the 85+ Spoiler Trim. I don't want to put the following down on the product page on the site so I will just list a few disclaimers here. Over the years I've tried to get as much of this stuff as possible, while doing so I've tried to have it done as accurately and as cheaply as possible...that being said:

    • It has taken me YEARS to package up 37 kits as I just didn't have the time as it's VERY time consuming. I still have more but we didn't have time to assemble them all and probably never will as I can't imagine more than 37 people need this.
    • Once these sell out I will find someone who wants to buy ALL the remaining stock as I really don't have time for something like this anymore.
    • As mentioned these were made as accurately as possible, if you want OEM fitment, do not want to trim/modify or fiddle with it then please do not purchase.
    • I paid for the molds and owned the molds I just had the molds destroyed. The costs to keep them wasn't worth the expense. once these are gone they are gone.
    • There will be NO returns allowed
    • Any technical questions need to be asked on the forum, we won't be answering any questions about fitment or install...we are just here to provide the part
    • There is a PDF that Seamus wrote that will be emailed to you after you purchase.
    • The price has gone up because last time I put together the kits in the comfort of my basement while watching movies, this time I had to pay my employee to help out.
    • Kit can ONLY be purchased from the Canadian Site:

    As always thanks for all your support.

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    For all who have already purchased, you can find the install instructions in this thread here:

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    Please see my post in that thread near the bottom of the first page about the correct sealer to use. The doc in the first post is still recommending contact cement, but "liquid butyl caulking" works much better. I'll try and get that doc updated.
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