85 Supra, For Sale

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    85 Supra, For Sale

    Hello All,

    I'm the original owner of this 85 Supra and it's time to say goodbye. This is a mostly stock car. Some "recent" repairs are listed below. Pictures were taken almost 3 years ago but the car has been in the garage all that time. Current mileage is 278.7 kmiles.

    I had some body work done in 2003 to fix rust holes in the typical places. I can send more detailed pics to anyone who is interested. Most of the trim work is shot. Plastic parts in front of the headlights basically crumbled away...

    the car still starts up right away. i keep it on trickle charger. It's insured and on the road but never driven. it passed the emissions test a few years back.

    right now i'm asking $4500. I will start dropping the price as time goes on. I'm curious to hear what is a reasonable price or what these generally bring. Or what websites are good for selling these... I think someone said "bring a trailer" was a good one.



    Date Mileage
    (Kmiles) Notes
    current 278.7
    7/2017 New battery
    11/2016 Passed MD emissions test (no longer required)
    10/2010 274 Replaced clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder
    4/2009 Replaced front brake calipers, front brake hoses, front pads, and brake master cylinder
    10/2008 Fixed EGR valve
    12/2006 266 Replaced oil pan, replaced front engine seals (crank, oil pump, cam shafts)
    10/2006 266 Replaced catalytic converter
    Replaced radiator hoses
    Replaced spark plugs
    Replaced spark plug wires
    8/2005 262 New Tires (17k on current tires)
    2/2005 260 Replaced exhaust from catalytic converter on back
    10/2004 258 Replaced rear brake rotors, calipers, emergency brake shoes, pads
    7/2004 Replaced rear shock absorbers
    10/2003 Body work to replace rust out in quarter panels
    6/2003 250 Replaced Throttle Position Sensor
    3/2003 247 Replaced starter
    9/2002 243 Replaced front brake rotors
    4/2001 228 Replaced head gasket and all associated gaskets
    Replaced timing belt and idler pulley
    3/2001 228 Replaced clutch
    6/1999 218 Replaced radiator
    4/1998 207 Replaced distributor cap and rotor

    prior Replaced AC compressor (AC currently doesn’t work)
    Replaced differential
    Replaced fuel filter
    Replaced electronic ignition module
    Replaced rack and pinion steering assembly
    Replaced alternator
    Replaced front wheel bearings
    Replaced windshield wiper mechanical linkage
    Attached Images Attached Images
    85 Supra
    Super Deep Red
    266,000 miles
    mostly stock
    original owner
    Maryland, USA

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    Wow, an original owner car to come up for sale 34 years later, that's pretty impressive! Says a lot about these cars that there are still original owners with them here.

    Looking at a mk5 by chance?

    Good luck with the sale!
    Black 86 mk2 Project Car
    New SDR 86 mk2 Daily User, Highway Cruiser AND Parking Lot Abuser in the works!

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