1984 up Terra Cotta Center Console

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    1984 up Terra Cotta Center Console

    I'm looking for a Maroon center console from a 1984/5 with switches/coin holders. I would also like the shift/radio surround as well. Apparently these have changed texture so I want them both.
    I'm not too concerned about the upholstered lid, but I need the switches. It can be from a manual or automatic.
    I'd like to see a picture of it.

    1984 Console - Automatic.jpg
    The 1984/5 have 3 switch locations as shown here. This one is Maroon, not Terra Cotta.
    The 1982/3 have a molded in coin holder instead of a switch location. I don't want this. I need this to add a manual antenna switch to my car.

    Let me know what you want for it and how much to ship to Canada to postal code V4C 7S5.


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