Needed: 85 5mge harmonic balancer (serpentine)

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    Needed: 85 5mge harmonic balancer (serpentine)

    Does anyone have one they're will to part with? Thanks

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    I'll keep my eye open as I go through organizing & catologuing things...

    If I recall correctly, there was a slight difference between 84 & 85 ... if U put an 84 Balancer on an 85... it would work... but ONLY if U set the timing MANUALLY... ie getting TDC (Top Dead Center) of the piston etc.... I'm almost positive I had to do this with one of my previous cars...

    The Notch on the Balancer..... for using a Timing Light .... differs slightly between the two years.... so CANNOT set timing using a Timing Light...

    Can anyone confirm this ?? (& possibly explain why 2 slightly Different Balancers for the same 5M Engine ??)

    Dave Cod The Black Supra Man TONS of used 84/83 parts F/S

    Dk Blue 84 P-type Virginia car converted to Stick,1 Stock Two tone '85 P-type also US origin), 1 to be Turbo'd at some point!!! Have a 53 ft Trailer that I've converted to a 6000 cu ft 84/85 Supra parts Warehouse....Lots of Parts F/S

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