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    Okay, that's sort of the idea I had in mind. My neighbour owns a shop nearby so I took it there pretty much immediately after I bought it to see what was up. I know for sure that the diff needs replacing because we changed the pinion seal (leaking badly so I thought the howling was due to low fluid) and I think there was too much metal to metal contact because there were shards of metal inside the casing. Gonna be a total pain in the ass to find one, but I've noticed a few parts cars pop up in my area so I may try to snag one of them if they have what I need. As for the engine, the idea was just to bring it to his shop because I wouldn't be able to practically pull the engine (I don't really have the space to pull one nor do I have a lift or hoist to transport that stuff) plus he's able to order in rebuild kits for cheaper than I'd be able to find them. I'm probably just going to drive the car as it is for the rest of the summer, then drive it to his shop right before the snow hits and then get to work. He's able to get parts for it cheaper than I would be able to find, so clutch and rebuild kit shouldn't be an issue. I'm thinking while it's at the shop, it may be worth turbocharging it. I found a thread on here somewhere on the 5mgte (can't remember who wrote it; I'll edit back once I find it) and it seemed pretty cheap. It all depends on if I'm able to budget this all together. I'm entering my second year of university, so the car's not really a priority, but at the same time I'd love to have it done by the time the spring hits.

    So, in short: Take it to neighbour's shop who can get cheaper parts, rebuild engine/clutch/new diff, maybe turbo. Realistic? The sooner I plan, the sooner I can really start saving.

    Edit: Post was made by flyjum, called "5MGTE Guide with Microsquirt" if anyone is interested.
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    looking nice

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    Get your engine/clutch/differential sorted out before even thinking about adding a turbo and ALL that goes with it.
    You don't have the space to blow (TAKE)apart your engine,anyway.

    Your budget will be blown way B-4 the turbo comes to mind.
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