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    The annoying part is that I just had the alternator replaced a little more than a month ago, and the battery maybe a week ago, the battery had been fine til i took it in to get a new one... i wanted the terminals to be replaced because they're badly corroded but he cleaned them off instead. I took a video but i cant seem to post it . Does anyone know what this cut yellow wire goes to...? I am all over the place with this post I apologize! Also the yellow connectors in the second photo... 😶

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    Hahaha! One of my good friends recommended the fella I'm taking it to friday

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    Do not worry about those yellow plugs. They are just test terminals.
    When you get into the TSRM deep enough,you will see.

    You may find the guy that you have been looking for.
    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzie View Post
    i wanted the terminals to be replaced because they're badly corroded but he cleaned them off instead. I
    I once bought an 84 Supra at a charity auction for $200 that had been donated because they couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start. It was obvious that one of the first things somebody had tried was to clean the battery terminals and then they'd replaced the starter and who knows what all else they'd done. But I cut into the cable insulation and peeled it back to find that the positive cable itself was badly corroded for about the first three inches from the terminal. For a multi-strand cable, the current has to be able to pass laterally to the inner strands so that it can disperse evenly before traveling linearly along the cable. I.e. it just wasn't getting enough juice to the starter so all it would do was click. I replaced the positive battery cable and that Supra started and ran perfectly. If the person who donated it found out it was a $25 fix, they'd be really upset with themselves. Anyway, if you already suspected the battery terminals were corroded, then its just possible that the cables too are corroded under the plastic insulation or where the terminals are crimped and you can't see it. You can cut the insulation with a razor blade and peel it back a little to check. If it is, then replacing the cable may help your electrical issue. If not, wrap it back with electrical tape or heat shrink tube and continue with other diagnostic procedures.

    Quote Originally Posted by ddd228 View Post
    look for the Old Guy to diagnose your issues.They are usually overweight with glasses.
    No need to take it to anybody now. I'm an old guy, overweight, with glasses and I just went straight to the answer.....
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    So he cleaned the idler control valve, this seems to have helped a lot. He also changed the terminals on my battery, my alternator is charging like it should now, my temp gauge was wonky so he put in an after market one and even put a zip tie where i had a hair clip holding up the pocket in my driver side door haha ... oh and he did wear glasses! Cant say he was overweight tho

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