Testing the waters here on selling my 85 celica hatch; i've recently gotten an 86 supra rear hatch with the double wing that i painted in gloss black thats going on the car, and i have basically no place to store the old one once it comes off. its off of an 85 celica GT, texas car and completely rust free, somewhat recently repainted in sky metallic blue, complete with latches, badges, glass, exterior trim, rear trunk light, interior trim, rear wiper, ill even throw in a lock cylinder uninstalled with it. the catch is its definitely a pickup only kinda sale, and itll only be available after september 28th. i can either arrange a pickup here in austin, Texas, or send it back with my folks back to Memphis tennessee, but either way im looking for 400$ OBO for it. I posted it over on the Celica-GTS forums and while theres been a good number of views on that i haven't gotten any serious interest in it, but maybe someone looking for a clean L-type hatch might have use of it!

The last two pictures show a couple of weird imperfections, but thats not rust; it turns out this car originally came equipped with one of those really rare hatch mounted lower wings, and the paint cracked around the old plugged holes! what i would give to have that wing back! anyway, same deal as before; you can PM me here or contact me by email at [email protected]