OEM Stereo repair

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    OEM Stereo repair

    Hello, I am attempting to get the 1626 OEM stereo repaired so I can put it into my 84. I went to my local car audio shop in Longview, Washington and they suggested sending my stereo to Radioman in San Deigo. I want to explore more local options (preferably in Portland, Oregon or anywhere from Portland to Seattle/Tacoma) or shops that members of this forum have used. Help?

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    I can't recommend any shops, but I can give share with you my experience.

    When I first got my '86 Supra, the OEM stereo barely worked. Lots of static, many of the lights and buttons didn't work, the cassette deck wouldn't stop eating tapes, some of the EQ sliders didn't work, etc... I'm big into keeping things original, so I removed it and paid good money to have it repaired (found a shop here in the Dallas area).

    Well they got it working all right, but despite everything working - it just didn't deliver good quality sound. While it was being repaired, I replaced the four speakers (kept the stock sub) - but it just didn't help. It was such a let down cuz it sure looked cool.

    Not wanting to get a newer radio ( I wanted to keep things period correct - or as close as I can) - I compromised. I found a stock stereo out of a mid 90's Toyota 4Runner (or Tacoma, I forget). It had both CD and cassette and look like it was 'right' for the Supra. Installing it was a little challenging - as it consists of 3 pieces (tuner and cassette deck, CD player, and amp) and I didn't want to cut the stock wiring harness. But when done, it fit like a glove (a snug one), looked original, and best of all, sounded pretty good. It was a little weak in the bass department as I couldn't use the built in Supra sub-woofer, so I installed a Bazooka tube subwoofer in the hatch area. Now it sounds really good. Most people can't even tell it's not stock. And to top it off, at night, the stereo lights match the rest of the interior lights.

    Juat another route to take in the event you can't get your OEM stereo working....


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    In "Interior/ICE" there is a sticky that goes over installing later Toyota radios with CD changers:

    "Non 'bling' newer Toyota CD/Cassette install"

    Metra/Axxess has the adaptor harness kits so that you don't have to cut any wires and can revert to the original later if you so desire.

    In 1984 the Toyota unit was state of the art with the ten band equalizer, Dolby, metal tapes, and such, but mine went south fairly quickly. I found a replacement and had it worked on at a radio shop, but that one started having problems as well. I finally replaced it with an aftermarket unit, and now have a JVC receiver/GPS with Blue Tooth that gives me all the latest benefits such as hands free phone and ability to play music from my phone. It also has a feature that allows you to insert a micro SD card and play music from the card. This unit came out of my old Ford Explorer that died when the timing chain broke, and since it has a CD player is rather deep, and sticks out of the surround somewhat. A unit without a CD player should be OK to fit in the original spot very well, and give all the latest features that us modern connected folks desire. Keeping things as original as possible is a goal to be respected, but things have changed in 35 years, and perhaps you should think about making a compromise in the area of your radio/receiver.

    Only just sayin'.

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    I have had the Pioneer DEH-P200 AM/FM/CD and CDS-5000 add-on CD player in the '86...granted my hearing is not great to start with...but I like having the option between 2 CDs...and can easily switch!! Looks pretty cool in the dash and lots of lights in the CD player as well...
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