Stuck in East LA (lower Alabama)

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    Stuck in East LA (lower Alabama)

    Just to say HI.
    Just took delivery of a 1984 Supra this morning. Raced Corollas for years, years ago and getting back in.
    So stand by for stock parts coming off and looking for a new home. I like to trade!

    So I'll add to the above.
    My name is Todd and I am just outside Auburn AL. Started playing with Japanese cars in the early 80's back when there weren't a lot of parts but a lot of cheap cars. Used to run SCCA Solo events. But life got in the way and just kind of migrated to other things. Now at almost 60 and getting nostalgic for my mis-spent youth and decided it was time to give it one more shot before its too late.
    This is my first Supra. when I tried to buy my old Corolla shell (was at one time a pro rally car and then converted to GT-3 class road racer) back from the friend I sold it to in 1990 something he told me he crushed it years ago. He made me an offer that I couldn't refuse on his 84 Supra that had been sitting for 10 years, so here we are.
    This will probably be the last car I build so I'm going to go as radical as time and money allow. I am hoping to learn for you young guns out there cause being a dinosaur I am more comfortable tuning twin side draft Webers than managing bytes and bits. I owned a fab shop for 7 years but insurance and the thought of retiring one day started to appeal to me so I went back to a real job and that's has worked out better than expected. Currently working for Powerteq (Dinan brand) and the fringes of that, being a gear head are amazing. Beside now I have the hobby shop I dreamed about when I was in my 20's building cars in driveways.
    I'll post pics as I go and once I figure out how to do it.
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    Sweet - looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the supra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazmo2009 View Post
    Just to say HI.

    I'll post pics as I go and once I figure out how to do it.
    You need to use an image hosting site like imgur or photobucket
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