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    That's crazy! Dallas metro area is huge though compared to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ray85p View Post
    Yeah, we used to call the real soft, sticky race tires gum balls. For a short time (sometimes very short) they'd stick like stink and then be be trash. When up to temp, they'd also pick up every marble and misc piece of crap they ran over. Those would have to be scrubbed off before the next corner or some serious butt puckering would happen. Usually, the car would end up sticking just enough to barely make the corner but occasionally would lead to a wreck. Then instead of the driver learning a lesson and the rest of us laughing our collective ass off, we'd all have to jump in and fix the car, which was never all that much fun. They also would almost stick in place when hot and the car was stopped for long. This would make the car vibrate like crazy until the crap stuck to them all in one small place got scrubbed off.
    But 55 seconds seems incredibly like an incredibly short time, even for something like those.
    It was an event at Ft. Rucker on the runway. Super rough concrete. May as well have been on 36 grit grinding disc. The other end of this spectrum was an event at the drag strip in Commerce Ga right after they paved the parking lot. The asphalt was getting pulled up in chunks in the corners. After that event we were not allowed to use that venue again.

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    hmm seems really complicated thing
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