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    Happened to come across 1 of these a few days before I saw this post.

    Then couldn't find that particular one when I went to package it...... I thought NP .... I'll just pull another one fr 1 of the Glove box doors I already have Off Car....

    In trying to take the Key Cylinder off.... THAT broke ....

    OKaaaay... I thought I'll just pull one fr one of my cars until I can find the original 1 ...

    Then (even though I was being extremely careful) pulled a (3rd) one fr 1 of my cars & THAT BROKE TOO !!!

    Sorry DrJim ... will be refunding Ur $$ ..... as my lesson learned fr this is (unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) don't ever try & pull the lock cylinders any more...

    So I now have to try & find at least the original one... & FIX MY CARS NOW.... Arrrrggghhhh

    So if someone wants to sell him one with the cylinder still in it... or can sucessfully get the Cylinder off.... go for it...

    This post is now re-activated
    Dave Cod The Black Supra Man TONS of used 84/83 parts F/S

    Dk Blue 84 P-type Virginia car converted to Stick,1 Stock Two tone '85 P-type also US origin), 1 to be Turbo'd at some point!!! Have a 53 ft Trailer that I've converted to a 6000 cu ft 84/85 Supra parts Warehouse....Lots of Parts F/S

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    Ahhhh....the joys of owning a 35 year old car!

    Mine just fell apart in my fingers, and it didn't look bad. Some of the parts on the car that were directly exposed to the sun through the glass fell apart all on their own, but the latch waited for me to use it.

    Sorry it didn't work out for us, and I'm open to multiple offers.....

    - Jim
    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Still Have mine I'll send the whole glove box door if you want, reasonable offer + shipping.

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