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    I run AGM battery in my '92 Audi, (LOVE the crank amps!!) the voltage is about 14.4 when running in cold weather. (115A charger) I have never had any issues, but I also run charging almost the whole winter season/Oct-April when I plug in the block heater. It is timer controlled through the DEFA system, the charger is always on.
    AGM is supposed to be charged at low amps, so as long as you use a designated AGM charger, you should be ok.
    I have a silver-calcium battery in the Supra which works out ok, even if they're supposed to be more prone to failing under low charge voltage.. I disconnect it an recharge when I do not use the car for some time.
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    27 mA is pretty low, kinda what I would expect. How old is your battery ? 8-10 years is usually when they fail.

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    new AGM Costco battery from July.
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    Battery life

    I just buy a high quality battery withe the Power frame grid technology , It is forged stamped lead and not cast.

    I then disconnect the battery if I will not use the car for a few weeks and during long periods during winter, I keep the battery disconnected and use a conventional 6 amp charger to charge it for several hours once a month or so until the charger reads 1-2 amp charge rate. I get approx 10 years from all my batteries that way. Of course my alternator and cables are in good shape.

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