5M block 7M turbo head will it work?

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    5M block 7M turbo head will it work?

    I am curious can you use your existing MK2 Supra block harness and other stuff and bolt a 7M head on with Turbo component's? I heard there pretty much the same engine? interested to know,

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    You can bolt the 7mgte turbo manifold to the 5m head, its been done a million times. Search the forums
    7m head will bolt to the 5m block but the 5m pistons are domed for the 2v head. The compression ration would be extremely high.
    You can put 7m pistons in a 5m block.
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    Bigger problem you'll have is getting all the drive belts to line up. The 5M crank pulley won't fit on the 6M crankshaft. This has been done before though. After all the effort all you'll end up with is a slightly less powerful 7M with weaker rods if you use the stock ones.

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