Radio Wiring Help for mk2 supra

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    Radio Wiring Help for mk2 supra

    Iím attempting to install a stereo into my mk2 Supra but I am running into some issues. First, I am unable to find an adapter that matches what I see. Every adapter I am finding is different. Is the stereo wiring maybe tucked away? The link below is the only wire not used. (My Supra didnít come with a radio so I didnít know what was plugged in, just took a guess that this was it)

    Thank you )

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    i Just made this account so it’s not letting me post links or images

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    if I were to describe the cable, it would be a 4x3 pin male connector. I’m sorry if that is too vague but all I can do as of right now

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    Google image search "metra 70-1398" you'll find photos of the mating stereo connectors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverMk2 View Post
    Google image search "metra 70-1398" you'll find photos of the mating stereo connectors.
    I second that.

    If you bought the car with the stereo pulled I would bet that the stereo that was in was aftermarket and the previous owner has already cut off the stock connector. As a result, you will probably have to get the Toyota Electric Wiring Diagram (EWD) to try to puzzle out wire colours. The colours changed a bit over the years so try to find an EWD that matches your year car. The basic colours for Switched 12V, un-switched 12V, Ground, and so on have generally stayed the same.

    Also beware that the wires may already be cut and spliced so that the wire colours right at the connector may be for an aftermarket stereo, not the stock Toyota colours. Try to follow the wires for about 6" to make sure you don't find a splice and different coloured wires!

    With patience (and Rye Whiskey) you can puzzle out the wiring. Don't get frustrated.

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    Also be aware that the factory wiring plugs would have had a few duplicate wires in them to accommodate a couple of different factory head unit / speaker combinations using the same plugs. So expect to find a few "extra" speaker wires. And 85's and 86's have a 3rd plug for the factory sub (joke). Your best option is to use just the factory memory, switched +12V and ground leads and to simply run your own new speaker wires. If you still have an OEM power antenna, there will be a couple of factory wires that'll need to be connected to your head units power antenna lead. If an aftermarket power antenna has been installed, it'll just need one wire connected but you'll have to use a DVM to find out which one by testing for continuity.

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    This should get you all of the power/ground/illumination wiring for your deck. For speakers, there was an amplifier which changed the speaker colors, according to the EWD book. Here's a shot of the book:

    Looks like my image isn't showing up, just go to the link instead:

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    Here's the crutchfield wiring diagram thread show be helpful as well!!
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