Lower Radiator Hose Connection Corroded

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    Lower Radiator Hose Connection Corroded


    I recently just replaced my Lower radiator hose and noticed that the connection that goes into the engine is pretty corroded and crappy i cant seem to find what its called. I read a couple posted about a suicide hose, or a Water by pass Pipe.

    Does anybody have any info on this if the Pipe is worth replacing and how hard it would be to remove it?
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    I think that what you see is:

    11301-43010 CASE SUB-ASSY, TIMING GEAR 08/1981-08/1984
    11301-43020 CASE SUB-ASSY, TIMING GEAR 08/1984 up

    This is an aluminum casting that the water pump mounts to. There are a lot of gaskets and parts that will have to be replaced to change this.
    Unfortunately this part is no longer available.

    Lower Timing Cover Assembly.jpg
    The lower aluminum casting in the diagram. Part number not shown, but you can see the lower radiator hose attachment point on the left side by the number 10 in this diagram.

    Front Timing Cover Overview.jpg
    Item 11301A in the diagram

    If this part is corroded, I would be worried about other aluminum parts in the motor. The 5M-GE has an iron block and an aluminum head which can be attacked by electrolysis if the coolant has not been maintained.
    If the part is broken off by someone trying to take off the lower radiator hose then everything should be fine.

    I would leave well enough alone unless you are planning to rebuild the motor anyways. Because this part is not available from Toyota, you will have to find a parts motor or someone who is parting out a motor. They are out there, but this looks like a serious job.

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