Selling a variety of interior spare parts; shipping and Paypal OK!

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    Selling a variety of interior spare parts; shipping and Paypal OK!

    Hey All!
    I recently did a bit of junkyard stripping on an 85 supra that came into our local Wrench a Part yard down here in austin, and i came away with a good amount of parts that I had every intention of using, until i remembered i had some duplicates stored out of state in my parent's garage, so im looking to move on these parts to people who need them more than me. shipping is available for alllll of these, or local pickup if you're near the Austin, Texas Area.
    I've got:
    Speaker Grills: Blue, good grills with no cracks in the grill part itself, 25$ OBO plus shipping costs

    Driver's Side B Pillar: In excellent condition, unfortunately other side was smashed by the forklift when bringing it into the yard, 40$ obo Plus Shipping!

    P-type Seat Backs: from Blue interior car, is missing a lot of the piping trim and has a few gash blemishes and one completely roached corner on the drivers side, but fixable (i was gonna do a custom wrap on them) and the netting is basically trashed, 45$ obo plus shipping!

    Maplight/Sunroof control housing: from a tan interior, it cleaned up okay but the part closes to the windshield is kinda roached from the sun it seems, but could be fixable with some plastic filler. 25$ obo plus shipping!

    Rear Cargo cover: From a black car, its got a few holes in it that are not visible when the hatch is down, also is bent in the middle but fixable if you're willing to take it apart and re-bend it back straight, also sunfaded as heck (basically brown on the backside), 75 obo plus shipping!
    (Pictures Coming as soon as I get home from work!)
    and Finally, an 85 deluxe stereo: pulled it from the yard car with the intention of installing it in my 85 celica, but I neither have the harness to make it work, nor want to give up my handsfree lol. its in very good shape, cleaned up pretty nice though its untested, but i was honestly just amazed someone still had the stock radio in their car. unsure on the price for this, but i know factory radios can be kinda pricy so hit me with an offer on it!

    You can PM me here for questions and more info, or my contact info is:
    Will B.
    Phone # (901)-517-1436 (calls or Texts ok)
    Email [email protected]
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    email sent.

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    Per chance did you find a heater fan resister pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob495 View Post
    Per chance did you find a heater fan resister pack
    I didn't grab it when i did the initial parts grab, but im planning to make a return trip out to the yard to grab some bits for ToyodaSup and i'll check and see if the heater fan resistor pack is still there!

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    Hey man, I'm in San Antonio. I called about that car but they would not give me any info. Is the rear end in tact? I need the diff.

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    already been snagged by a local here! they got the trans and rear diff i think

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