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    82 Fuel Sock

    Had some driveability issues and discovereebmy fuel sock on the pick up tube is completely deteriorated causing my pump to choke on all the debris in my tank.

    I have the inline pump with the pick up and return tube being what goes in the tank. Any one have ideas on alternatives to the fuel sock? I feel like I wont find one and will have to rig something up, just curious as to what if anything has been tried before.

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    Shows as still available from Toyota for about $20 if you know where to shop.

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    I found one at Vancouver Toyota a couple of years ago.
    You should pull the tank and clean it.
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    Rock Auto still has them.
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    First if you have that much trash in the tank would be a good idea to pull the tank and clean it out. The tank can be sealed after it is cleaned, there are products we used on motorcycle tanks. I would run a filter external to the tank so it can be changed easier also. If you are set on keeping every thing stock then go back to the in tank sock. If money is no object then Holley has a Hydramat that helps with fuel slosh.

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    The parts are still available.

    In-Tank Fuel sock, (77023-30010, Filter Sub-assembly, Fuel Suction Tube) $20.04
    Matching gasket (77169-14010,Gasket, Fuel Suction Tube Set) $4.56

    In-Tank Fuel sock

    Gasket 77169-14010 in upper portion of picture

    I agree that you probably will want to clean and coat the inside of the gas tank. The size of the filter is only about 2" x 3" so if there is lots of debris in the tank, it will plug quickly.

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    they even have them on ebay

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    Just going to add my 0.02 here, and agree with others. Speaking from experience, pull that tank and give it a clean. I also re-coated it with the POR15 kit, that is a bitch of a job though.

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    Thanks for all the info. I was able to find everything at https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/ Some stuff is a bit vague on the site but having the parts number helped a lot.

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