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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverMk2 View Post
    You should really look at bat. That's us where all the serious buyers are these days.
    Hi, Thanks Silver, I have attempted to list with them, but for now they won't accept me. They require you to have no other ads up at the same time as their listing, and if you have had any ads recently they will decline you. If I don't get it sold this time around, I will put the cover on it and try bat in the spring. I think it will do better in the spring anyway. Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddd228 View Post
    Agreed. The auto tranny is NOT desirable.
    I bought mine because it had one. The seller stated that no one wanted it,so I got it for less money.

    May I assume that is the same situation for a Corvette?

    I sort of "settled" for an auto, but 30 years ago, my problem was that everybody smoked back then. I must have looked at least at 35 mk2s. I would quiz the seller on the phone, "Do you smoke?" "Oh, no, never!" Then I'd arrive and could smell it from 30 feet away. "I thought you said you didn't smoke in the car." "I never did, but my wife smokes like a chimney!" Of course 8 out of 10 were just used car dealers or curbstoners and they'd say anything to get you to come see the car. Mine finally showed up at a nearby used sports car dealer selling out of an indoor warehouse. The mileage was low, the condition amazing and no cigarette smell so I finally caved. A couple years later I bought a nice 5sp one from a neighbor. Mike has that one in Atlanta now. Over the years I bought a few more, wrecked or with mechanical problems, both 5sp and auto, most for parts and a couple I fixed up and sold. One I did a 5sp swap into. But I kept the first one that started all this madness. I did tho retain all the parts to do another 5sp swap. Eventually I'm planning to completely dismantle my Supra to repaint it another color and will change out the tranny as I put it back together.

    As to Corvettes, there is most definitely an auto discount, but as classic cars age, its not so steep percentagewise. The guys in their 50s of course are looking for the manual stick, but by the time they reach 70, that automatic starts to seem like a pretty good idea. Every year at least a couple of our local club members show up with a brand new C7. I've heard the following conversation almost verbatim at least a dozen times in the last decade. "Hey <insert name here>, what happened to your C2?" "Well, after my hip replacement surgery, I was having to pay somebody to work on it for me because I couldn't get on the ground and crawl underneath it anymore and then after my knee replacement surgery, I was having a hard time working the clutch." "Well, I remember you used to swear that the last true Corvette was built in 1967. I never figured to see you drive a new one." "I admit I did say that, but as I got old, a brand new C7 with a warranty and automatic transmission didn't seem like such a bad idea after all."

    Admittedly, I sometimes reconsider whether I should even do the 5sp swap, but I guess I could hang onto the automagic parts and easily swap it back when I get that old (or pay somebody to swap it back if there's any money left after my hip replacement). I just hope I find the time to do it BEFORE I get too old to enjoy it.
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