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    Cool Hello To All

    Hi my name is Richard I live in buffalo ny this is my 2nd Mk2 I have been out of the car seen for a bit but Excited to get back in!! My baby arrived today an 1985 super clean MKII from CA I plan to build a 7M-gte with a W58 trans, I am going to do much research/planing over the winter I will hopefully start the build next spring. To my surprise that previous owner kept a journal of the cars maintenance even radio stations. looking to make around 350-400 whp any input would be great thanks I have some pics but having some trouble posting them

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    welcome back!
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    Welcome. Sounds like a fun project. The link didn't work for me so I can't see what kind of shape its in. But if its in good shape, carefully consider what modifications you make. When the guy who graduated high school in 1985 retires in about 15 more years and is looking to waste an insane amount of retirement investment on an attempt to recapture a piece of his youth, he'll want one that's exactly like the one he coveted in high school and throughout college. Don't cut, drill, weld, glue, or paint anything that isn't supposed to be and keep all the stock parts you remove in a safe storage environment where they won't deteriorate. That way when Gen X is waving their paddle at the auctioneer, you haven't spent $20,000 to reduce your Supra's value by $20,000. Even if nobody ever put it back, consider the future value of the parts. A friend of mine just yesterday spent $100 for two tiny, used, plastic check valves for a 69 Corvette headlight washer squirter system (note our Supras have very similar ones). That's just an example of how nuts the hobby gets by the time your car is 50 years old. The mk2 Supra is not quite there yet, but it will be. You bought at the right time, however, the primary reason they will go up rapidly from here is because many of us on this very forum have spent the last 25 years modifying and even just jury-rigging them to keep them on the road, leaving very few original examples. If yours can be returned to stock within a few 3-day weekends worth of work, then you get the best of both worlds, enjoyed a modified Supra for several years and still retained maximum value. Of course if you are starting with one that's already far from original, then you're not hurting much by cutting and drilling on it.
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