Raptor Racing Intakes Back in Stock + Switch Decals, 82-83 GTS Decals and Fuse Decals

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    Raptor Racing Intakes Back in Stock + Switch Decals, 82-83 GTS Decals and Fuse Decals

    Back by Popular Demand and offloading some unlisted Inventory.

    We've had tons of people asking us for more MK2 intakes and we've listened and made another batch. This is ONLY available on our Canadian site here:

    We also have a batch of Door Lock, Rear Wiper, Fog Light, Fuse Stickers another other items on Clearance found here:


    BONUS: Every $100cnd spent on a Purchase of: MK2 Intake or MK2 85 Spoiler Trim or ANY Raptor Racing MK2 Exhaust Product gets you $10cnd in clearance products. EMAIL me for details prior to ordering.

    PS...please do the community a favour and BUY these off Jason's site:


    The numbers of people and companies building things for these amazing cars is dwindling FAST and only through supporting those who support the community can we ensure years of enjoyment out of these cars. Even IF you don't need it yet but soon will please consider it. **/Speech**

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    Thanks, I just ordered the intake. I was getting ready to do so when they became discontinued some time ago.

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