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    Cool Whats up guys.

    Whats up Yall.
    Bout my 2nd 86 MK2 a month or so ago. I posted on the Mk2 site on facebook, but ive recently come across this forum and it has helped tremendously.
    I'm Chris, 27 years old. I'm from North East Texas, and I really love these cars because my father had quite a few as I was growing up. I bought my first one a few years back and had some problems with the title and ended up having to use it as a parts car. When I found the one I have been working on a month ago the front end was trashed. It had been wrecked and left to die. It had been sitting since 2001, but it now runs pretty decent. I believe the cold start injector doesn't work because it takes a while to crank up at the git go. It also has a slight ticking sound which i believe to be stuck lifters since it hasn't ran in 20 years. I fixed the fuel pump, cleaned the fuel tank, I am in search of a fuel sending unit, because the one that was in it is trashed. Tried to fix it, with no luck. Anyway, Shes a work in progress. Rust free, besides the small spot on the sunroof, and the exhaust is toast. I am going to be sawing it off tomorrow and installing a new one.
    Thanks for the read.
    Chris Arendt

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    Welcome Chris,
    Interesting story you have about your father, hope it can kind of bring some father/son activities in the future.
    GL with your restauration, and yes, this is the best place to fibd information, as there is so much information in the various posts from the 15 last yrars that can searched and read.
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    Welcome neighbor. It wouldn't happen to be white would it? Drove through Northeast Texas often as my parents lived in southeast OK till they got too old to take care of their rural property. Only mk2 Supra I ever saw on those trips was a sad white 86 sitting in a tow truck impound lot outside of Commerce. I stopped to inquire (thinking a parts car) and they said they had to keep it for I think 60 days and to check back in couple of weeks. Next time I went by it was gone. That was probably about fifteen to twenty years ago.
    Phil D.
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    Well man. I am not sure, the car I bought spent it’s whole life in Longview. It was left at a body shop in 01 when it was wrecked and had not moved since then. I purchased it from the owner of the body shop in Tyler.
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    Welcome to the online home for the Celica Supra! You won't find more info anywhere else.
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    Chris,welcome to the tribe!
    Put in a WTB sending unit on this forum.
    Also,I read somewhere that a guy rebuilds those for antique and classic cars.
    Finding a used one would be much less $$.
    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
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    Chris, Welcome to the forums!! Sounds like a great adventure stay the course!!
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