16x8.25+0 wheels

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    16x8.25+0 wheels

    What if anything does anyone know about doing this size. I've seen 16x8+0 is an option, but I like the xxr 527s but the only offer an 8.25 width. Really I like the konig decagrams but if the pattern doesn't fit you have to move on lol.

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    I Have drag DR27’s 16 x 8.25. 0 offset they work perfect. They fill the wheel wells I think it’s a perfect size for the car the only issue is tire size. Retailers won’t sell 225 to go on an 8.25 rim. so don’t tell them that the wheel is 8.25. Next time I’m going to get 245/45 but those are getting hard to find

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    Right on, thanks for the feedback man. Do you have a picture of the stretch? Im not wanting anything too crazy, and like you said the tire width can be hard to find. I bet there's a couple non corporate type shops around here that will do it no questions asked haha.

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    A 225 is not really stretched on an 8 inch rim. Depends on the brand of the tire of course, but wider 225 tires (they all vary a little if you look at the published tread widths) will be pretty much square on an 8. mk4 Supra NA came with 16x8s up front with 225/50-16s.
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