Timing belt crankshaft gear

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    Timing belt crankshaft gear

    Sits behind the harmonic balancer pulley. Shipped to 75189.
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    I'll be checking my parts stash early next week when i'm back in town if nobody has helped him yet. Verified this is the round tooth later style. Good luck sir!
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    I MIGHT have one off car.... definitely have one on an 84 Engine but won't have the time to pull if for quite a while...

    Also there is some kind of slight difference between 84 & 85. I remember I put an 84 on an 85 & the timing couldn't be set using a timing light.

    In order to set the timing .... U had to do it the MANUAL way (WITH THE Engine NOT RUNNING).... by bringing the 1 piston to TOP DEAD CENTER
    which is kind of a nuisance.....

    So for now specify whether it is 84 or 85 Engine...

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