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    12 V at idle and about 14 at high revs
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    does not charge at all...
    Im not sure whats going on rite now...

    i doubles checked evreything.
    the plug with 3 wires 2 black 1 whitish
    2 black was giving me a positive charge and the white one was acting like a ground.

    so im guessing that its all working fine.
    im gonna check the relay underneath the dash but if the battery light comes on and brake light im guesing the relay is fine.

    I am so bewildered
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    its 4:20

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    yeah the 82s have that big dumb charge relay, and it can fail. PITA to find a replacement for too.

    Negatory about 12v at idle. A healthy working alternator should still put out at least 14.0v at idle when the car is running and the battery is healthy and fully charged. You shouldn't see more then 14.4v at any RPM. If you only see 12v at idle, your alt is not working (though in your case with a new alt and 82, the charge relay is suspect).
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