Here's how it's done:

1) You must have the picture uploaded to a server someplace, outside of - ie; you have to have image hosting. A few people have suggested various sites that will allow this. The goal here is to PULL the photo from that web location, and your image tags in your message will be pointing toward that location. It works really well.

2) You must use the proper structure in your message to make the image tags work correctly. I'm going to give the same sort of example that's been given before. First of all, you need to identify the location of where your photo resides on the internet - see the example below in the code box:

3)'ll place image tags on either end of your entire web address, file name included at end (ex. P1010008.jpg).

[img]entire web site address with file name goes in between these tags[/img]

4) This will result in the following if you follow the instructions correctly:

5) You should have no problem doing this, HOWEVER this assumes the site you are hosting your photos on actually ALLOWS users to pull images from their server. Some do not, and sometimes defeat this functionality because when an image is hosted and pulled by a CAN use excessive amounts of photo hosting site's bandwidth. To keep this from happening, some hosting sites don't allow you to pull your photo image from another web site - like this forum for instance.

6) If this isn't completely might want to take a look at the following information that's built right into the forum software FAQ (menu at top):

Various vBulletin code tags...

Image tag specific info...

I hope this helps explain things more clearly.