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    Great match and great worksmanship on the maroon!

    Damn Terra Cotta. Damitol. Such a hard color to match.
    Bad decisions make the BEST stories.

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    I just finished redoing my maroon leather. Now I need to get the wheel done.

    Why does the camera see the new leather like it is clown red?
    I see it did it to you too on the new leather stuff you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiksman View Post
    I just finished redoing my maroon leather. Now I need to get the wheel done.

    Why does the camera see the new leather like it is clown red?
    I see it did it to you too on the new leather stuff you have.
    Yeah I dont know. I cant remember if the flash went off or not. Either way though, Im happy as it turned out perfect. Now I just need to redo the seats and door panels. Im thinking of redoing everything completely stock looking, except have the middle of the seats made with perferated leather
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    One stop shopping!

    Craftcustoms (was American-Stitches) had the closest available matching maroon leather I found. It's actually sourced from a company in NJ.

    It's a shade lighter than factory, though matching any maroon/burgandy is a challenge.

    And since the maroon interior "fabrics" fade at different rates, we take what we can get.
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    I ended up buying a new Console lid and shifter boot from Toyota (apparently they have some Black ones in stock) Hopefully I will get them next weekend. I would like to get the seats redone with a Maroon and maybe some Black highlights since I am going to be doing both colours for the interior.

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    My experience with Alan Gun

    Here is my experience, for what it's worth...

    Sent my wheel to this joker in December. Did not get it back for 4 and a half months. When it came back, it was the most awful thing you could lay eyes on. I so wish I had pictures, but I called him from my mechanic's shop, where it was delivered, and he told me to pack it back up, and he would have FedEx pick it up, to make it right. After many calls, he sent it back out, and this is the result. Believe it or not, this is the 'New & Improved' version. Straight out of the shipping container. It is awful leather, very poorly stitched, lumpy, and he left glue slopped on the spokes. I just hope it will clean off. Anyway, trying to call him to get my steering wheel, 90% of the time I just got voicemail, which he NEVER called back, and when I did reach him, I got the sorriest excuses. Which all would have been water under the bridge had I received a decent product at the end. How someone stays in business with his lack of customer service, and beyond poor workmanship, is beyond me. Just hope this gets around, and people don't have to learn by the same mistake I did, to the tune of $350.

    BTW, it's the wheel for a 1957 Benz 190SL.

    Here is one of many links I found too late... just hope y'all can learn from my mistake. Just Googling Alan Gun should tell you what others have gone through.

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    The people that wrapped the steering are they still in business

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    jjbenzo, how close would you say the wheel and shift boot are to the original, both in terms of color and style? The shift boot looks a bit high to me, but I'm comparing that to my original '83 one which is pretty beat up at this point.

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