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    i jsut took my starter out from the top with a 3/8th and 1 extension + 13 and 14 scoket.

    i didnt realise it was so easy. you just got to know the feel of it. got the contacts and plunger replaced with denso ones and now the car starts no problem.

    time to give'er

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    bit of a long shot, but does anyone still have the original pictures from the front page of this thread?

    already tried

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    SupraFiend (Seamus) may have them somewhere, but as one who has removed a starter in the past week for a clutch replacement, I was laughing at re-reading this thread. Remove the top bolt first, as the bottom one is easy. And don't disassemble the starter - no 10mm bolts. The two times I've done this I've tried to take the starter apart. Repeat, no 10 mm.

    I also needed a magnet several times to retrieve dropped wrenches. Hint, remove the front driver-side tire so you have better access. The Neg cable bolt to the starter is the only 13mm I've found on a Supra.

    At least you aren't trying to pull the 2 upper bellhousing bolts. EVIL

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    id be pumped if the pics still worked!
    " and the heavens opened and the trees lifted forth and came a voice on high proclaiming, my children go not forward seeking clear tail lights and a cool air intake. Follow the way of the lord and find in your heart forged pistons and share with me postive pressure and dirty thirds" Luke 11:11

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    After laughing my ass off, I had to reply to this ancient thread. The first time I removed the starter, I was dreaming about those who built these wonderful cars and wondered why they had really long arms and tiny hands. Then I had to listen to a buddy about how long it took. Unfortunately, I'd discovered the bad contacts but didn't have them. A quick fix at least lasted well past the parts arriving. So next time, my buddy got to remove the top bolt. Ha Ha. Same as my first time, 45 seconds on the lower, 45 minutes or more on the upper and he's a small guy! We both decided that if there ever was a next time, it would be faster to remove the trans! Well, I recently did it again and it was very easy from below with a 2' extension and to tame that universal, I wrapped duct tape around it. I shone a light on it and it was a piece of cake. Those of you with small hands and hopefully long arms can do it any way you want. We all knew that these cars were designed to be easy to assemble not easy to fix. Fortunately, while not perfect, we're much luckier than most others.

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