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    Which transmission is it in the car? How is the speedometer hooked up, if at all? Is the check engine light on, have they checked for trouble codes? Off the top of my head if you do not have a proper speed signal, you will have issues with an auto trans.

    When you say it wont rev up, is this while rolling in gear or in park/neutral? Factory ECU with stock tune, or any piggybacks?
    Still doing 2JZ swap wiring work, PM me if you need harness parts, work done, or have questions.

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    The NSS will produce a soft rev if not bypassed or wired in correctly.
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    Can someone confirm ? please thanks !
    It's for 2JZGE swap with original W58
    2JZGE > JZ Bellhousing to W58 > W58 5MGE original Clutch > W58 5MGE original Fork > Original W58
    2JZGE > JZ Bellhousing to W58 > JZ NA MT Clutch > JZ NA MT original Fork > Original W58
    both are ok ?

    In a word... If you go with 2J NA MT clutck kit on original mk2 W58...you have to use the fork from JZ ?
    Finding mk2 W58 clutch kit is difficult instead of Clutch kit for NA JZA or SC300 and I would like to confirm what combination is ok for the original mk2 W58

    Thanks for help !
    It's difficult to find information sorry if already seen in previous post...
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    im running all original fork throwout and slave for the factory w58. little bit of farting around but it can be done. biggest issue i had was the factory slave needed to be spaced between the bell housing and slave in order for it to press on the fork correctly. honestly the fork does need to be longer but ive had no issues with mine
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    i've seen fuel pump mentioned multiple times in different 2jz swap threads.. however, i haven't been able to find if the 5m fuel pump will work with a NA 2jzge. If it won't work, why not?

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