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    1,305 hell of a write-up!! VERY if I only had the BBK....well...and some wheels to put them behind!! hahaha!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tire Shredder
    probably the best write-up I have ever seen! perfect step by step instructions.

    Just a suggestion that might help me (as I am looking forward to new wheel bearings) is list of all the parts required from the dealership to do the swap with part numbers. Also a list of tools might be handy too.

    Thanks, Steve

    Well, unfortunately I can't edit the posts, so I'll put them here:


    Inner bearings: 90368-31067 x2
    Outer bearings: 90368-19037-77 x2
    Dust Seals: 90311-48001 x2

    feeler gauges
    flat screwdriver
    torque wrench
    breaker bar
    30mm socket for the hub nut (I used 30mm, it was a hair loose. Nut may be 29mm, but the 30 worked fine for the low torque used on the nut)
    varous hex head sockets
    large 3 jaw puller (may be needed to remove hub from spindle)
    digital calipers (optional)
    bearing installer (optional)
    seal installer (optional)
    lots of rags/paper towels

    All the hardware included with the JDK BBK

    One important note, do not use the lock washers/washers included with the bolts to mount the caliper adapter to the hub. Use the bolts only, as they may interfere with the bolts that hold the disc onto the hub.

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    Just a note. The torque for the caliper adaptor has been mentioned in previous postings regarding the install of this BBK. However, it seems to be missing in this excellent write-up. The torque spec mentioned has been 60-65lbs.

    Also, it could be noted which rotor goes on which side of the car. The cooling vanes should be pointing rearward when installed.

    Just a couple points to possibly help a little bit more. Thanks for this write-up. It helps tremendously!

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    I just re-packed my wheel bearings over the weekend and had a hard time removing the back seal on the first side. On the secound side i was looking for a better pry tool then a screwdriver and pulled my stock center cap removal tool from the toyota tool kit gave it a try and it came right out.

    Once you get the hub off, flip it over and remove the dust seal. It's in there pretty good. Place a block on the disc for some leverage and use a large screwdriver to pry it out:

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    ey Christian, nice write up. hope I can afford to get them BBK's. anywayz, hit me up if you wanna go back to the track. Sac Raceway is aite for me. btw: I got my white '83 MKII back,<-the one with 125 shot NOS (was traded in for a '04 Matrix XR 4WD back in '04, now I found it for sale around Concord, so I bought it back!) it was a coincidence. peace!
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    Any1 know were i can Find some hub bearing packages, cause i need to replace mine are starting to hum! email me at [email protected]

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    Just an update, and to include one extra step. After rolling the kit for a few hundred miles, I developed a rattle when hitting bumps. When I removed everything for inspection, I found that the caliper adapter were loose, even though the bolts that hold it to the hub were still tight. Even though the adapters went on snug, they now had .015" clearance on one hole and .020" on the other(on one side, haven't done the other yet, which is loose also). The hub looked clean when I installed everything, but apparently they weren't, so I had to make some shims for the adapter.

    So make sure you wire wheel off any rust/gunk that might be on the ears on the hub and check clearances and make shims as necessary.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yue
    Any1 know were i can Find some hub bearing packages, cause i need to replace mine are starting to hum! email me at [email protected]
    I listed the part numbers for the bearings from Toyota. You can get them from your dealer. I would imagine that the parts stores should carry some after market ones.

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    OT, but yo racefiend you need to clear your PM log so i can ask you something.
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    where do i find this big brake kit?

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    Look in the Group Buys section...
    Jeff Sawyer
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