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    I find Ronsonol lighter fluid works wonders for most things. I use it for taking adhesive off paint, and getting stains out of rugs/seats. Chris, try this out. You may find it takes the ink out of the seat. I had a big blue ink stain on the seat in one my cars, and I had to work at it for awhile (its was a LOT of ink) but eventually the rag came up clean and no more stain. I also find that Tuff Stuff works really well, especially for rugs. It's taken grease stains out of my rugs no problem.


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    A friend of mine used an orange cleaner, one of those spray on types that are popping up from every cleaning manufacturer. He sprayed it on full strength, let it sit for a moment, then wiped it with a moist, hot towel. He did this on a light gray cloth interior. Don't know how it would fair on any other color, may want to experiment on a hidden area first.

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    take all the seats out and use the whole bottle of simple green. Soap it and leave it on for an hour or so then scrub it with brush. and let it dry. Mine took a week. I spilled awhole bottle of use oil in the trunk and it got to the back seat. That shit was stink. The simple green is safe and powerful and smell good too.

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    Since first reading this thread, I've looked at several places for steam cleaners and I can't picture what everyone is recommending. There seem to be small handheld steam cleaners that look somewhat like a teapot and shoot steam out a nozzle and show on the box they clean everything EXCEPT carpet and upholstery OR there are small carpet & upholstery spot cleaners with rotating brushes that just use hot water, not steam. The only carpet cleaners that I've found that use actual steam are big units like you'd do your whole house (and cost many hundreds of dollars). And I've not found any steam attachments for my shop vac either. What exactly is everyone using here?

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    Go to Target, Walmart, Kmart... those kinda places and go to the vaccume isle. They look like a vaccume but have water tanks on them instead, you want to get one with a hand held attachment. You can clean the interior with the hand attachment, do the removable carpeting the same way you would vaccume it and your set... just remember to crack your windows to let the interior dry completely. Another pointer is remove your seats... it's just 4 bolts each, then you can get under and around them and get all that gunk thats fallen beside the seats over the last 20 years... and then all the change that you find under the seats imbedded in the carpet will help offset the cost of the steam cleaner

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    [QUOTE=Marblehead;21867]But after cleaning the interior, and with the windows down, how do you keep the water out of the car while you're washing the outside? Also, it's gotta be tough cleaning the windows when they're down, having to remove the door panel and working around the frame work and all.

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    do you have an idea about good steamer??
    if you have so please tell me about best steamer which use to home.

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    I use 'any' interior cleaner or plain carpet cleaner soap, and use a small brush to work it in. Be gentle, you don't want your car to look like terry cloth..
    After soaping up, (you can let it sit for some minutes) I use a hand sprayer with clean water, and soak just the upper layers. Then I get out my shop vac, and suck up all the water, soap and grime.
    Repeat the rinse prosess, and the whole soap process if still stains.
    I find this a gentle process, since the backing is made of compressed wood. Even works on the delicate sun visors.
    I took out everything and cleaned them separately since the car was going to the paint shop anyway, but as the car has been in our family since '89, it wasn't that dirty.
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