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    oh man, this thread has me all sorts of excited. there was not any of this info available back in '90 when i got my first '79 supra. the only thing i could find for it then was the headers hooker made.

    now i can't wait to pick up my new mk1 and start playing.
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    Hmmm...I just bought a running Mk1 up here in Alberta, Canada....1980 - 5 speed - not bad for rust and drives pretty good at moment

    - looking for parts, advice, ideas....this has been a very cool thread...but i get the feeling that the time may have come and gone for working on the Mk1's....I note that no one has added to the thread for 2 years thereabouts.....

    you tell me....are the upgrade parts now unobtanium?....has everyone moved on to newer cars?...are the Mk2's even getting too old to be practical?

    I'm wondering on prospects of low cost upgrades to my 1980 Mk1 (4M motor probably)....with idea of having a reliable "survivor car" that has the ability to cruise somewhere beyond the legal limits and show tailights to fancy new cars...yet not spend a bunch of money on it...

    I don't expect a lot without doing a motor transplant and not sure I want to do that quite yet..and I don;t expect that much out of the old car....just want it to run well for starters, and anything after that is bonus

    It may be more reasonable to just be content with a decent running stock car....and savor the coolness of age, rather than the rush of speed and power. Is keeping it stock and driving it even a reasonable possiblitity these days?


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    Ive owned many toyota's, never a mk1 or mk2 supra's. I have had however 3 mk3's, 2 81 celica's including a gta coupe, ra6x celica's and ae86 corolla's. I do know about the 2nd gen celica's basically sharing the chassis with the ae86 corolla. I had ae86 front strut assemblies with vented front brakes on my 81 celica gta. All i had to do is put the ra40 strut top on the ae86 assemlies and they bolted right up. Where the strut assembly bolts to the ball joint/tie rod arm on the lower control arm is the key area.. There are 2 different size bolt patterns at this point. Which is going to tell you which way to go to upgrade the front suspension/brakes on a mk1. If the mk1 has the smaller bolt pattern like the same year celica u can use ae86 strut casings and they make tons of brake and suspesnsion upgrades. If its the bigger of the 2 your prolly gonna have to make a mk2 strut case work. Either way is not a bad way to go. once i find a mk1 i'll let u all know for sure. Ae86 coilovers would be a good idea..

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    What year Camaro shocks fit MK1?

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    Damon, you are the man. Are you still around/alive?
    About to take on a 6m swap in my Mk1. I am scared beyond belief... better start looking for some 82 engine parts by the looks of things.
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