Wheels that fit a Mk2

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    Wheels that fit a Mk2

    In order to keep things in an easier to find reference for the future. Please post any wheels the fit a Mk2. Please provide details you know such as;

    L type or P-type
    pictures (preferably on the car)
    estimated cost
    tire size(s)
    anything else that is relevant (rubs, spacers, etc)

    Just one for me;

    16x8" 0 offset Epsilon mesh with 245/45/16

    No longer available new

    No rubbing or anything. Will not fit Jim's front big brake kit.
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    Side view. Gives you an idea on the amount of "lip'age" this wheel setup has.

    16 x 8" 0mm offset Compomotive CXN mesh w/ 245/45/16 Yokohama AVS Intermediates (tire model has been discontinued). Black satin/powdercoated finish. Centerbore IS hubcentric

    Cost (back in 2001) was $1,5K (not including tires). Current cost will fluctuate, DEPENDING on the current exchange rate between the US dollar & the UK pound, as the components are imported in from the UK.

    The ONLY place in the US where you can order them, is from Motorsports Specialties in Quarryville, Pennsylvania (www.usacomp.com). They will build the wheels to your specs. They ARE aware of our P-Type wheel requirements.

    Be aware that their "0mm" offset ACTUALLY measures out to a -3mm offset & the wheels/tires will stick out a tiny bit on the front wheels. When Bob Sully (Malibyte) ordered a 2nd set of wheels for one of his other MKII's, he went with a +5mm offset. Looks a little more tucked in, but "I think" on his Red 85, he had caliper clearance issues. But the wheels fit fine on his 84 7M car.

    No other rubbing anyware. "Obviously", spacers or adapters are not needed.

    Wheels WILL clear the Jim King BBK, since these are the same wheels that Jim used during development/test fitting of the BBK.

    [Edit] Anyone out their with "ANY" of the Centerline models have pictures & can do a write-up??

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    SSR Longchamps Gunmetal = 17x7 +25 front,17x8 +25 rear.

    Perfect fit IMHO with 225/45 front,255/40 rear

    Silver wheels = 17x7 +25 front,17x7.5 + 35 rear additional 25mm adapter on rear.
    Ken ??? Tires = 215/45 all 4 corners

    84 P-type, 7mgte, too many other mods to list, 20k miles on the chassis. 83 L-type, 7mgte/A340 swap, again, to much to list. 85 P-type, basicaly stock, DD.

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    Let's see, stuff Shawn left out.

    L type.

    SSR is Speed Star Racing, 'Longchamps' are model XR-4Z.
    There is another style 'Longchamp' in 14/15", model XR-4.

    Cost - under a grand if found, no longer available new.

    Also, I got 235/40/17 size rubber on the rear now (7.5j rim, 8.5" measured).


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    Enkei 92s
    Sizes: 16x7, 15x7 (most popular)
    Offsets: 0, +10, +20, +25, +35
    Tire Size: 225/50/16
    Info: Discontinued, price varies by seller, 1-piece aluminum
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    P type
    [email protected] front
    [email protected] rear
    Centerline Thrusters. I think the name changed now.
    Front tire 245/45/16
    Rear tire 275/45/17 next tire will be 255/40/17

    Had to shave the rear flare to get the 275 to fit.

    not hubcentric but i got hubcentric rings made for them

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    Sport Max 002
    15x8 @ 0mm offset
    These are not hubcentric rims, you must get the hubcentric rings for them when you order some.
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    Fontana Cali.

    15x7 @ 0mm offset
    Konig Rewinds
    Estimated cost of rims $500+ depending who you get them from.
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    enkie 92's, 16x7, 0 offset. they are actually 2 peice wheels, not one peice as previously mentioned. they are 225/50/16 front and 245/50/16 rear.

    and this pic it had 245/45/16's in the rear.

    also, its a tight fit, but they do clear the bbk. not much clearance between the caliper and the back of the rim center though. lol

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    BF Ohio
    Racing Hart C2 (3-piece wheel)
    17x8 +10mm with 245/40R17 Yokohama AVS Sports (2.5" lip)
    17x9 +10mm with 255/40R17 Yokohama AVS Sports (3.5" lip)

    Retail: $3600 w/out tires.

    Racing Hart C2's are 3-piece wheels, built with a smooth outer barrel reverse style lip. It is unlike most reverse styles. The outer barrel has a slight angle extending to a sharp angled lip instead of extending straight out to a radiused lip. The center is painted silver with machined face similar to the OEM mk2 wheels. A clear coat is the final finish to protect both the machined surface as well as the painted surface. The inner barrel is painted flat silver. The outer barrel is polished to a high polish. Fasteners are not mere decoration but actually hold the wheel assembly together. The cap that covers the lug nuts are designed to imitate center-lock wheels. Factory supplied hub-rings, open ended lug nuts, and center cap removal tool were included.

    When I ordered the set, it was not a stocking item. It had to be custom built from Japan. Delivery was 8 months.

    I was told that there are a handful of mk2s with C2's in addition to mine, several in California. I've seen a 240Z as well as a B10 in a magazine with these.

    No spacers/ no adapters. No rubbing. Would you expect anything less from me?

    Status: Discontinued.

    Due to rarity (for fitment) and build quality, expect to see high prices on these in the used market.

    Car has Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Tokico shocks, and Addco swaybars.

    Searching for enlightenment on an abandoned highway.
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