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    Quote Originally Posted by OneTimeI View Post
    never heard of such a thing.. holding the handle up when shutting the door to keep it locked...weird shit, but i'll test this theory. Thanks
    It's been that way with any Toyota for at least a decade during the CS era.
    Lock the doors from inside, get out of the car, lift the handle and continue to hold it up as you close the door until the door has latched, release the handle then lift to test. The doors should have remained locked.
    Nothing wierd about it to me and most other 70s-80s Toyota fans.
    I actually liked it but I guess it's because I had to do it from 1990 - 2002.
    Actually my old roommate's 92 Civic Hatch worked the same way and he didn't even know it. For YEARS he always closed the door then locked it with the key 'till I rode in it with him for the first time and saw him do it and told him to try the Toyota method instead which did work on his Honda too... Apparently it's a japanese car thing during certain years.
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    it's the same way on my civic too, I'll have to try this out on the Supra.

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    I'll lock mine with the button inside and shut the door and they unlock. wtf?

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    I was always vigilant with the funky doors on my '84 (had to use a hide-a-key more than once). I'm still a little allergic with my '82 (no auto door locks), tho I kinda wish it had the door lock switch on the armrest rather than the console...but I can live with it.
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    msqsupra84 Thank you for searching first, but did you read the post??

    Try This: Lock the Door from inside and then close the door while holding the Handle up (as if you are trying to open it), this lets the Supra know that you are intentionally trying to lock the door. Otherwise the Supra is going to help you NOT lock your keys in the car by accident, it will keep unlocking until you give it the signal and it knows you WANT TO lock the door.

    Look at post #55

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    I always just lock my doors with my key so they stay locked. If I try it with the lock switch they just unlock right away or if I unlock my car and start it to let it warm up in winter the car usually locks its self......learnt to keep a spare key on me now after that expensive bill. I'll definitely try the holding the outside handle up when closing the door to see if that works.

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    edit to add year

    Seeing as how some of us massy-chists are still running these awesome finicky b****es, then please forgive me for committing the "sin" of replying to an old thread....

    My '85 P-type sat for 5 years (long story for another thread) and then I tried to get some keys made. Local dealer told me I had to pull out my passenger door handle to get the lock cylinder number off the inside. Fine (**grumble**). I got it, put it all back together too quickly due to threat of a thunderstorm, then the door locks started their phantom dance - talking to me in the yard while I was working on other projects. "click*** clickclick***click."

    The first time I got locked out leaving the key in the ignition, I was lucky - window was down. But then the alarm started going off with certain key-lock combos, big PTA, and then I realized that soon I was going to get stranded somewhere back in the sticks where I live forgetting to pull the unobtainable key out of the ignition with the window up and have to break an unobtainable window, and realized that the car had declared war on me.

    I checked this thread and a couple others and definitely have some things to check out - especially whether I damaged the lock-position sensor when I pulled the passenger door handle out.

    However, I am at a time in life where life is trying to kick my butt and I don't have the time or stamina of some of youse younger youts to fight this gremlin yet. So here's my "old-man" "got-you-you-b******" solution:

    Six months ago I simply pulled out the door-lock relay from near the brake pedal - put it away for safekeeping, and then began enjoying life. Now I have manual door locks (like we had when I was a kid), and I am happy as a clam, with no complaints. Massive functionality restored to my car with the added benefit that I get to be a gentleman and unlock the passenger door from the outside for my lady-friends. Life is good again. Just pull the dang relay and forget it.... (my two cents)
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