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Thread: speaker sizes?

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    Ray85P says they are "football" sizes.
    I think that the rears are a mod to make fit scenario.
    I did it with some bending and some duct tape.
    Rich64N said that the front lower ones are useless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddd228 View Post
    Ray85P says they are "football" sizes.
    I think that the rears are a mod to make fit scenario.
    I did it with some bending and some duct tape.
    Rich64N said that the front lower ones are useless.
    Maybe he meant football shaped but they're smaller, more like the old nerf football. In addition to that pair in back, there are a pair of speakers in the front that are about 2.5 or three inch tweeters but you can fit a little bigger speakers in with a bit of ingenuity. There is also a single speaker in the front firing straight down at your passenger's legs under the glovebox area, about a 5 inch squawker/woofer. They were on the bleeding-edge of technology for the day but are pretty lame by today's standards.
    Back in the day (when the Mark2 was built), there were basically only three classes of speakers - the woofer handled the lower frequency range, the squawker handled the mid frequencies and the tweeter handled the higher frequencies. Subwoofers and supertweeters came along after these cars were made and extended the bass (lower frequencies) down even further than the traditional woofer and the highs up even further than the tweeter.
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    The stock rear speaker locations have openings in the speaker mounts that measure about 4 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" long. The mounting holes are approximately 4 1/2" apart at the front, 4 1/4" wide at the back, and 6" apart when measured from front to rear. I would call the speakers 4" by 6" but some call them 5" by 7". Whether an aftermarket speaker fits in these locations depends on the design of the individual speaker. A lot of manufacturers size their speakers larger than the nominal rating to get more sound from their brand.

    You pretty well have to have a speaker in hand to measure the rear of the cone to see if it will fit the mount opening. To make things more difficult, the locations of the screw holes are in the corners which are not flat. The outer 2 corners angle up and the inner to corners angle down.

    If you want to stick to the stock size speaker locations most people choose to install a 5 1/4" speakers. Most will fit in the sheet metal with self-tapping sheet metal screws.

    As for the front speakers I believe that they are 3 1/2" diameter. There are 2 mounting screws 180 Degrees apart. I believe that this is a pretty standard size with Kicker 40CS354 and Sound Ordnance™ P-35 being pretty good examples of the mounting size and shape. It does look like it is quite easy to mount larger speakers here with a little modification. The speakers in the front are mounted on spacers that keep the speaker back from the dash board a little. Therefore one can modify this mount quite easily without it being obvious from the front.

    As everyone says, the sound that you can get from these size speakers will not be very impressive. However if originality is important you can get somewhat higher quality speakers in these locations. Even the stock stereo can drive these speakers into distortion, so you really have to hold off cranking the volume.

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    3.5" front
    4" x 6" rear.
    That's the closest fit I've found.


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    The OEM rears are 5"x7" and the term "football" shaped was used by some manufacturers years ago. There used to be a few models made in Toyota 5"x7" "football" size and Ford 6"x8" oval size. But who cares? They all sounded like crap. Your best bet is to use a good quality 5 1/4" in the rear. Some likely come with mounting adapters that can be modified to fit but it's probably easier to make your own. My personal preference is to use midbass drivers only from a good set of separates. (Yes, most are available separately.) I used Boston Acoustics drivers but any good brand will be fine.
    Why no tweeters in the rear? Because they end up creating a very confusing image. Sort of like what most music which is recorded for playback on speakers sounds like on headphones. And in case you're wondering, (I know you weren't.) there is a recording technique called binaural made with microphones placed in the ear canals of a dummy head that sound terrific on headphones and not surprisingly, very strange through speakers. Without the tweeters, the rear speakers provide great rear fill. You won't generally notice them as separate sound sources but you'll definitely notice their contribution to the overall sound. If you fade totally to the front, the sound will be much less enveloping and kind of thin. I know this sounds contradictory but you'll hardly notice they're there..... But if they weren't, you'd definitely miss them.
    Think of it this way. When you go to a concert, the band is in front of you and that's where 90+% of the sound you perceive comes from. But don't underestimate the importance of the 10% coming from everywhere else. It's what gives you a sense of the space you're in. With full range speakers in the rear, it's more like the hokey surround sound from the 70's. Most of the time it sounded like you were in the middle of the stage with the band all around you. I suppose with the available mind altering substances of the time, it could be entertaining. But it got old really fast. It was just an effect and not a very good one at that. But it was a beginning and eventually led to the terrific surround sound we have today.
    In the front, your best choice is to ditch the factory plastic mounts for the 3 1/2" speakers and use a little creativity to mount some good 4" speakers behind the OEM grilles. I tried quite a few very high quality 3 1/2" speakers and while the best of them were surprisingly good for their size, none were really good enough to not reveal their shortcomings.
    I also chose Boston Acoustics separates for the front and mounted the very compact 1" tweeters on the mirror trim panels on the top front of the doors. The crossovers are easily mounted under the dash on either side as there's plenty of room under there to hide them, especially on the passenger side after you remove the totally useless factory subwoofer. Running the tweeter wires into each door is a bit of a challenge but I routed them through each factory loom without that much trouble.
    While this quality of speaker can sound very good, especially with good amps, a subwoofer is really needed to make them shine. There's quite a few powered models that will fit easily in the hatch area or even behind the passenger seat on the floor. I've also seen one cleverly mounted where the storage compartment is in the passenger side hatch area. I chose to build a custom enclosure that fits tightly behind the rear seats. It has 4x Vifa 6 1/2" woofers downfiring and it's carpeted to look OEM. It has 6x 1 1/4" carpeted legs that are staggered to fit around the full sized spare tire. My sub amp and rear speaker amp are mounted on the angled side facing the rear seat backs and are invisible from outside the car unless the rear seat backs are folded down. My front amp is mounted under the passenger seat.
    This stuff has provided me with 30 years of enjoyment. The only thing I've changed was the head unit a few years ago. It was time to move into the digital age! To complement this major technology update, I went all out and installed a really neat set of cup holders from a Nissan Maxima and can't say I miss having a cold crotch one bit! I hope this helps.

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