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    Nice collection of Supras!

    Quote Originally Posted by anyoldiron View Post
    lnteresting, how many HP does the clear timing cover add?
    None, as I don't have one (its perforated, not clear. Or were you referring to the block off plate on the hood?). Regardless, I don't trade in HP, that's for chumps. lbs/ft is my game, of which I make 188 of them to the wheels, most of which comes online at 2300rpm and hangs around till 6000rpm. The most recent dyno sheet is on page 15 if you're interested.
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    Wait like way back on page 15 of this thread, 999 pages ago? I don't see it there, maybe you meant your build thread though? I'd love to check it out again.

    Bought a JDM 91 Nissan Caravan Limousine edition, this thing rules. Power curtains, huge sunroof, nissan parts bin from the factory... maxima v6, hardbody susension and brakes, super easy to get parts for and it is sort of peppy actually. ~40k miles and has some minor issues but nothing crazy. Just enjoying driving this weird old thing around honestly.

    You lucky dogs in Canadia have had these things for 10 years already, but since we have to wait 25 years we are just now getting the good vans down here. They are catching on though, passed a Delica on the highway recently.
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    Geez, gamble....it looks like a hearse with them fancy curtains!

    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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