Discount Toyota part for all members!!

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    Discount Toyota part for all members!!

    Just a little introduction to all of those who don't know me, I'm Mark Sherman, Parts Manager at Vancouver Toyota in Vancouver, WA. I'm offering a 25% discount to all Supra owners, as well as wholesale shipping prices via UPS. I have decent knowledge of the product (I've owned one of each generation but the MkI's) and hopefully can provide you all with the 'one on one' service experience you desire. Contact information is listed below:

    Phone number: 800.466.4872 ext 150 or 360.883.6062 direct
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Fax: 360.253.5477
    Store hours: 7am-7pm PST Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Saturday, Closed Sundays
    Website Storefront: Discount Code: FORUMNUTS

    You can also post a new thread here and I or one of my staff will answer it directly. Please understand that I am the department manager, and as such, I can get pretty busy during the day and I am occasionally gone for a day or more at a time. Please keep this in mind if you have an urgent order. If you have any rush parts orders, I have a great staff that can fulfill your order in a timely manner so that you get the service you deserve. Make sure to let them know that you came to us through the forum in order to get the discount. I don't have an EPC at home so pricing inquiries that come through during the weekend will be answered on Monday morning (hey...gotta give a guy a day or two off). We have a decent amount of Supra parts in stock, mainly the high replacement maintenance type items, and most parts are only a day or two away if we need to order them. I look forward to talking with all of you from time to time, and would like to thank you all in advance for your business!!
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    Awesome to see more options for parts for our beloved Toys =)


    1995 Supra
    1977 Celica GT Liftback (Undergoing Restoration)
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    I am wondering about a U-joint for and 84 ptype...
    5 spd, axle end, not tranny end......

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    Body panels?
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    Get your MK2 Supra Cooling Plates here
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    Hey Mark...Welcome to the Vendor Section!!!

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    this sounds pretty sweet. I may be giving you a call this summer if I get around to fixing up my '82.
    - Tim
    82 Light blue P-type 6MGE (RIP Hidden Content ).
    Betty - 82 Red panda.
    Tommy - 85 Blue/Silver Two-Tone (6MGE).

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    I have the same problem, and I even have performance rubber
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    Quote Originally Posted by ra24man View Post
    (I've owned one of each generation but the MkI's)
    You don't know what you're missing - the '81 mk1 is what started it all for me and more than two dozen Supras later...

    I am glad to see that we have a Toyota Dealer Parts Manager on board. We've had Jeff Watson helping us for years now and giving everyone the discount but having you on board as a Vendor gives us another source for the genuine Toy stuff.
    I hope the Forum members give you enough business to keep it worth your while to support our efforts to keep these old beasts on the road. Many of us are scroungers and hoard all the spare parts we've picked apart from every junkyard where we can find an old Supra. And when we can't find that part we need at the yard or in our parts stash, we can usually get it here from one of the other members in their parts stash. So you may not see a lot of business from us but for expendables like plugs and wires and filters and fluids etc. That doesn't mean we don't appreciate you - We do.

    In fact, I need two sets of plugs and a set of plugwires and enough brake fluid to drain and refill the brakes in both my 7mgte 85 markIIs, oh and a clutch master cylinder rebuild kit and ...

    I just noticed your join date - so I guess you already know what kind of crowd you're dealing with here. So I'll just shut up now and check out your website.
    Dave Harrison

    current lineup and year acquired:

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    '84 maroon Mark2 6mge 5sp 2013
    '86 red Mark2 7mgte 5sp 2016
    '85 black Mark2 6m Frankenmotor 5sp 2017

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    Question - In the past whenever I've bought parts from members in Canada the changes to homeland security have slowed the parts delivery down to weeks sometimes. Will that apply here?
    - '84 Red P type - 7MGTE 404rwhp/389 lbft
    - '85 Black P type - project 2JGTE

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    Hi Mark ! Welcome To! Its always nice to know that there is a source close to me for OEM parts and accessories! Definatly good to have yo aboard for the ride!!!!
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