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    they are not the same mounts, if you have plastic tanks, cut the bottom mounts "nipple looking type" flush to the tank, that will make it sit on the mkII lower support, the top is a completely story, you have to modifiy the mkIII holding mounts, u might have to drip the support and put a bolt so it can hold the mkII mounts, i bet is been covered before, dont hve any link for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdeshon View Post
    pretty sure he covered that in the beginning. if you re-read you should get your answer. you do need to modify but it is easy and worth it.

    No Mishimoto on the list? how do they stack up to the rest? i have one that i got from one of my mk-III dooners. it looks a little bit rough but seams to cool very well and it even came with original warrantee papers!
    The Mish radiators are the same as the HASTE radiators. Most all of them that arent Specific are nothing more than Restamps unfortunately. If there not Name brand then there probably just chinese bulk make with a stamp across the front. No issues with them however.
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