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    I have used a toggle bolt on one in a Ford 351 Cleveland, the grease thing didn't work at all and I had a toggle bolt laying around on my workbench. Folded it up and slipped it through the pilot hole, it unfolded and I started backing it out. I bent up a couple but it moved each time so I knew I was on the right track, went to the store and bought a sturdy looking one and that did it. But right now I'm going with the advise of Williamb82 has in any case I haven't delt with personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TorqueMasterJay View Post
    I usually use the grease trick. I didnt have grease the last time...but I had a caulk gun with clear I pumped it full and used a punch that fit and popped it right out. It all works on the same principle...Hydraulics.
    Yeah that one with the silicone is not a bad idea, and if you have the time, let it dry up and then just peel it out.

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    simple and cheap and works no matter how hard is stuck trust me the other ways wont work on the "hard" ones. Go to autozone or checkers and you can rent to tool for free just requires like $65 collateral fully refunded upon return!!!!

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    Tried it today... it amazed my friend... worked great....
    More psi please!
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    I just used the wet paper towel trick to get the pilot bearing out of my 7M-GTE. Worked like a charm!! I was surprised as to how many sheets of paper towel went in. Used a cork screw to pull the gob out. Great tip!!

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    Thanks Will! I've tried the grease thing before and watching the grease come through the bearing is terrific......

    I used this recently on a 91 Previa (5-sp baby! \m/ )...took forever but worked! Best tool I've ever used was a giant slide hammer that I rented years ago...but I returned it... doh

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    Great tip William. It took 4 sheets
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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsman View Post
    Great tip William. It took 4 sheets
    No wonder it took so long. You're probably still trippin'.
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    Another way is to use some old slices of bread.. .yes bread. My uncle taught me this trick a couple years ago when i was working on my S-10. Get some plain ass bread and tear it up and stick it in the hole. Tap a punch or bolt or extension or whatever in there and it will pop right out. Remove the bread when its out and Voila.
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    2 hours of hammering and a carbide burr

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