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    Well,after all of that work to unplug the passage,the engine will not "BOG" when I manually open the EGR valve,Jim.

    See the PIX above.

    I added a 4/40 bolt with an O ring in the middle of the freeze plug,so I could force feed some cleaner in there ,when I wanted to.
    I made this out of a plastic syringe and a valve used to inflate basket balls and I injected some Techron in there until the engine died and let it sit overnight.
    Didn't work.
    Maybe black powder gun cleaning solution would by pass the need to pull that damn thing apart again.
    Same method.

    About 1,000 cc's may do it.
    Maybe the passage is blocked just passed the EGR valve.
    The gun shop in Wenatchee,WA didn't have black power(Sorry) gun cleaning solvent.
    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
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    "Hoppe's #9" or Birchwood-Casey "Gun Scrubber" should work equally well to dissolve carbon deposits.

    My EGR valve was clean, the passage wasn't too bad, but the little brass "spout" tube that directed the exhaust gas flow to the throttle body was packed solid.

    The crud came out easily, but it surprised me that that was the only place I could find that had an obstruction.
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    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Heres what I found inside my EGR, some was dry, and some was gooey (towards the intake where fuel is).

    Joel - '83 Black P-Type
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    Thank you for this DIY! Hopefully it will allow me to pass smog!

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    "Even to the point that the exhaust from jets appear to look like clouds, slowly fanning out and slowly falling to the earth leaving a nasty haze over everything..."

    What you see behind a jet aircraft at high altitude is called a condensation trail, or contrail for short. When a jet engine sucks air in at the front that air is compressed, along with whatever moisture is contained in it. When it comes out the back that moisture immediately freezes in the minus 50 degrees C air. It is not pollution, it is merely harmless ice crystals.

    Capt Bob, B.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia, as well as 18,000 hours flying those big jets.

    Now I gotta go out to the garage and clean out my EGR system!

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