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    Quote Originally Posted by SylQuebec View Post
    Whats the deal for the cops to try catching a guy when someone else could be kill???...Thats sound strange to me.
    Rest in peace.
    Ummm... if the cops never chased anybody then every drunk and most wanted would flee. I feel safer getting these a-holes off the road rather than them getting away and doing God knows what the next day. It's very unfortunate that sometimes the guy minding his own business get hurt or worse. Hopefully the drunk gets a real judge that will give him what he deserves rather than some panty-waist that will try to nurture and "rehabilitate" him.
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    BTW, the illegal immigrant they were chasing had driven off from another accident, had a BAC 3x the legal limit, and had multiple previous drunk driving arrests under various aliases. No telling if they have his name right since he is undocumented, but at least he is serving 15 years for 2 counts of murder rather than just being sent back to cross again under a different name. He hit Tad's Supra at 70mph w/o ever touching his brakes. Point is, he would have been in an accident whether the police were behind him or not.
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    RIP buddy I will always miss you and would not have the suprar addiction i have today if it wasnt for you.
    I think about u everyday and dedicate my supra to you.
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    Four years later and it is always sad to read about two young people who lost their lives so suddenly. Pushing almost 30 myself and having two young children I feel my mortality rate increased each day as it passes, I wonder almost every time I get behind the wheel of my supra and any other car if I will make it to my final destination or not. I would hate for my life to be cut short unexpectedly or that of my own children. RIP to those who are no longer with us. It happens everyday but it always come to a shock when its somebody you can relate to or knew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie33 View Post
    wow he was 19 too this is sad
    OH,MAN!!! 19? Makes me wanna cry.
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    May he R.I.P prayers for him and his loved ones

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